• Kimberly Idigpio


1. I graduated from HighSchool in California. I was 18 and I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do with my life. I had big dreams but not clear visions.

2. Met my first love and I also lost my first love. My first experience in love was spe Iso as they say but forever grateful it did not last.

3. Graduated College with a Bachelors Degree in dance pedagogy.

4. I started my own business as a dance coach.

5. received my first job as a full time dance coach. Yes, my first job happened to be my dream job. My parents took care of me for way too many years so taking on such work was extremely overwhelming. I lived a blessed life growing up but I didn’t have any working skills let alone social skills. I learned a lot in a short time and grateful for all the work I’m doing today. I believe everyone must start somewhere.

6. Met my soulmate, and also lost my soulmate.

(side note: not all soulmates are meant to last and I believe there are many soulmates you meet in your life. In kinder words, a huge blessing to have lost this person.)

7. I met my biological mother. Jeri🖤 We are still friends today and talk as often as we can.

8. I lost a handful of friends and people in these last years that have been replaced with very important people. Friendships outgrow and I’ve learned to take it for what it is. Experience and memories. The people in my life today have more meaning in my life than those I knew for years and had to say goodbye too.

9. I challenged myself and I have been in therapy healing traumas for the last 6 years. Therapy has given me a huge perspective on self love, the word no, and accepting other peoples defaults are not my fault.

I can only be responsible for myself. 10. I experienced the Finnish Championships winning first place in a group formation and fifth place in solos. I also booked my first dancer job in TV. These have been a really special experience for me in my dance career among the other amazing things I’ve been able to do as a dancer but also a coach. Those who are closest to me know that I don’t dance to impress, or win... I dance for myself, to inspire and I have always been this way. The fact I get to do what I do is a surreal experience.

2020 is for Forgiveness, Prosperity, Success,

Positivity, and Wellness.


Thanks for reading xoxo K

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