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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

As many know, I am adopted and I have been blessed with four older brothers. Three brothers from my moms previous marriage, and the other who was adopted with me during my moms second marriage. I have been blessed to have three step brothers, and a brother through adoption but never has it crossed my mind to call them anything other than brother.

What many people don’t know is I have been also blessed with a half brother somewhere in this world. Jeri, my biological mother gave birth to another boy in 1979 years before she gave birth to me in 1993. His adoption was closed and he was given away at 2 months old. My adoption was open and I was given away at 3 years old. Jeri says he smiled a lot like me and that brings a special comfort knowing that.

It took me some time to really come to terms with the fact that I really did have a biological half brother somewhere out there in this world. I thought for a long while I really was an only child but I wasn’t. He was given up for adoption nearly right after birth while I was blessed to have had a couple years with our birth mom before she gave me to another family.

This is a blessing in disguise. Yes a hidden blessing I always call it because being adopted brought me an amazing family, and I know it has also brought my half brother an amazing family. We both have been blessed to have so many people thinking about us and missing us and he has no idea that he has one more person thinking about him.... me. I think about him some days, Jeri and I both hoping he will find us and we will be able to reunite and talk about everything we have had on our minds.

Forgiveness has been such a life lesson in my life. It took almost 21 years until I met Jeri to forgive her. I know she suffered many more years knowing she not only brought two children into this world, but also had to give up two children in this world and not know the future of ever seeing us again. If there is a god, he brought me and Jeri together and I know that some day, maybe years from now, he will bring us three together as one.

I always feel there are many pieces of me keeping me floating in this world. Definitely I’m filled by my mom and dad, my amazing brothers and the family I’ve been blessed with through adoption, Jeri and my biological family, my loved ones and the small piece missing, my half brother.

There he is... Jason ❤️

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