Kimberly Idigpio is a dancer/dance educator/choreographer originally based in Sacramento, California.


Kimberly has danced in numerous showcases, conventions, and dance competitions in the California area. She trained in many dance studios growing up expanding her knowledge and styles in dance. During the beginning of her dance career she had the privilege of training with CORE Contemporary Dance Company as an apprentice dancer in 2010, and 2011 with the artistic director Kelli Leighton. CORE is a non-profit organization, and they invite young dancers every year to audition, and participate in their shows. Kimberly has gained her knowledge as a dancer while training with Kelli Leighton, who has shaped the dancer Kimberly is today.

In 2011, Kimberly moved to Finland to pursue dance, get an education, and deepen her families roots with their Finnish culture. She graduated in the Spring of 2016 with her BA in Dance Pedagogy from Savonia University of Applied Sciences Music and Dance in Kuopio, Finland. Straight from college, she was offered a full time job coaching competition students. Since then, Kimberly has had the opportunity to practice dance teaching, choreography, and dance work throughout many cities in Finland. She is currently working full time coaching/choreographing with many different competition groups and holding workshops for dancers in different cities. These important roles are shaping Kimberly's teaching and passion for dance. 

Kimberly booked her first job as a cruise ship dancer in 2015 with Scandinavian Dancers, a Helsinki based dance group that brings together dancers and singers. The cruise ship Silja Line Symphony traveled from Helsinki to Sweden where she spent two months performing numerous shows every night for different audiences. This job opened up more opportunities for her dance career, inspired her to learn new dance styles, and landed her a second contract with the Scandinavian Dancers in summer 2016. Continuing her success, in 2016 Kimberly booked a job with Lumiere Productions as member of Jokerit Dance Team, also known as one of the best hockey dance teams in Finland. She has worked in TV for numerous dance gigs, modeling, and different promotional gigs that have grown her contacts. In her spare time she is taking classes and strengthening her knowledge for dance always while awaiting new opportunities. 

People closest to Kimberly can tell you she is a determined woman and a strong force in everything she does.