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Kimberly Idigpio is a professional dance artist working in the industry as a dancer, educator, choreographer, and model with 10 years of experience in educating dancers and over 20 years of dance experience. Kimberly teaches technique for all level dancers, lyrical, contemporary, show dance, commercial, heels, exotic and sensual dance.


She is originally from Sacramento, California. She grew up in the competition industry competing in Performing Arts, and Hiphop from a young age until her young adult years. Making the decision to leave she followed her family roots and moved to Finland in 2013 to study, and graduated with her Bachelors degree in dance pedagogy in 2016.


As a young dancer Kimberly has been training with industry names from Brian Friedman, Mia Michaels, and Wade Robson to name a few in the dance convention community. She has won countless awards, and scholarships throughout her youth. Her most memorable award was ‘Icon Of The Year’ in 2010 at Hollywood Connections Dance Convention. A high level award given to a dancer chosen by the entire dance faculty. 


Now in her career Kimberly has worked as an artist in numerous productions such as Scandinavian Dancers, Uniq Entertainment, Lumiere Production, Jokerit Dance Team, and TV Performances such as Tähdet Tähdet. She has choreographed for Viking Line Suomi and done countless competition choreographies for dancers around Finland. She has been a model and performed in TV for brand commercials, and ads for different agencies in Finland. Some of her highlights in her career have been Oura Ring as a model, dancing for Redi Brand Commercial, and working as an actress in GE Health Care Commercial. 

Kimberly currently focuses on teaching weekly classes, coaching her performing arts competition teams, and training her company KMDC-The Company that was born in 2022. 

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